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Six Strings II Presents: School House Rock For Communities In Schools

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / September 9, 2019

John and I are excited to announce Six Strings II Schoolhouse Rocks, November 21, 2019 at the Earl Smith Strand Theater.  This year’s show features Rhett Miller, frontman of the Old 97’s.  That’s right, a bona fide Texas troubadour right here in Marietta.  When he isn’t fronting Old 97’s, Rhett puts out solo records, writes…

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Motorcycle Safety: Look Twice, Save A Life

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / August 12, 2019

The open road. Sunny days. The wind in your hair. Easy Rider. Sons of Anarchy. Even Barney Fife once wanted a motorcycle. (His came with a sidecar, but still.)  Everyone has that one moment when they see someone on the road on a bike and wants to be riding right beside them. A feeling of…

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School Bus Safety: A Quick Refresher On Georgia’s Bus Safety Laws

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / August 7, 2019

It’s that time of year again. The time most parents dream of and most kids dread. Time to go back to school. With the beginning of the new school year upon us, a quick refresher regarding bus safety laws is important to keeping our children safe and prevent unnecessary collisions and traffic violations. Recently, Governor…

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Pedestrian Safety: When Looking Both Ways Is Not Enough

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / August 5, 2019

As our city and town centers become more walkable, the importance of pedestrian safety has become more urgent. Whether for work or play, more people are out and about on our sidewalks and city streets. Our office, right next to the Marietta Square, is in a perfect location. Not only is it close enough to…

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Doing The Work: Because Flashy Lawyer Ads Don’t Win Cases

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / July 29, 2019

Bright lights, big numbers, empty promises—the script and production for every tv commercial for a personal injury firm.  Dollar signs dance around the screen in massive type, while warnings flash in tiny type down at the bottom.  Once someone who needs a lawyer takes the bait, the machine starts running.  You never meet a lawyer;…

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Johnson & Alday Welcomes Personal Injury Attorney Keenan Rogers

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / July 22, 2019

Johnson & Alday welcomes personal injury attorney Keenan Rogers, its newest associate. Keenan will work on both pre-litigation and litigation matters through trial. His areas of expertise include motor vehicle collisions and all aspects of premises liability. Keenan has lived in Cobb County since elementary school. He attended St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wisconsin…

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Don’t Shake It Off: Why You Should Never Ignore The Signs Of Injury After A Car Wreck

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / July 17, 2019

A car wreck can happen in a blink of an eye. The actions a car wreck victim takes after that blink is critical—not only to their personal injury claim but, vitally, to their life and health. A car wreck is a traumatic event and any kind of impact can cause an injury. After a collision,…

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Liar Liar, Pants on Fire: When Insurance Adjusters Play Fast & Loose With The Truth

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / June 28, 2019

No truer statement was ever spoken about the lies said by insurance companies and their adjusters.  The general perception is that adjusters are truthful.  That is what happens when the public is bombarded with slogans like “You’re in good hands with _____” or “Like a good neighbor, ____ is there.”  You may be just trying…

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Johnson Alday Welcomes Its Summer Legal Intern Jamila Hughes

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / May 20, 2019

Jamila Hughes is currently a senior at Marietta High School. She is a candidate  for the IB (International Baccalaureate) Diploma for the class of 2020, which is the most challenging academic curriculum available at MHS. Last summer Jamila was invited to attend an Intensive Law and Trial program at Stanford University and had the opportunity to…

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Johnson & Alday’s Top 4 Steps To Take After a Slip and Fall | Trip and Fall

By Johnson & Alday, LLC / April 9, 2019

One minute you are walking into or out of a store, place of business, a parking lot and the next you are staring at the floor, or the sky.  What just happened? People slip and trip and fall on a daily basis.  It is a natural consequence of being bipedal (two-legged).  Fortunately, most of the…

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