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Attorney Referral Program

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Why Choose Johnson & Alday as Your Co-Counsel or Referral Counsel?

Johnson & Alday is often asked by other lawyers to associate with their cases that need experienced litigators for their clients to get the maximum value of their injury claim at trial. We value our co-counsel relationships with other law firms throughout Georgia and work with lawyers across the country.

We offer flexible referral arrangements that fit the circumstances of a particular case. We handle referral cases for civil actions involving car wrecks, trucking accidents, construction accidents, unsafe workplaces, premises liability, negligent security, dram shop liability, on-the-job injuries, and many others. Our attorneys have over 40 years of combined litigation experience in complex litigation with multiple parties, multiple insurance policies, and complicated questions of fact and law.

Your Case Is in Good Hands With Johnson & Alday

Our team of trial lawyers and workers compensation lawyers have recovered millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts on behalf of their clients, including individual verdicts and settlements over six figures. You can rest assured that our team will work diligently with you and create a litigation strategy that will maximize the value of your case. We advance all costs as needed and practice on a contingency fee basis, and we gladly pay referral fees in accordance with the rules of the Georgia bar.

Whether taking your case as a referral or working with you as co-counsel, we work to ensure that your clients get top-quality representation, outstanding client service and communication that respects your relationship, and an opportunity for optimal results.


What You Can Expect Working With Johnson & Alday

At Johnson & Alday, we approach each case as a team and work closely with referring attorneys in handling and trying cases. Our experience on both sides of injury cases gives us a clear perspective on the needs of our clients and we know the best method for preparing cases to achieve maximum results. With the necessary financial and staff resources to manage each case we accept, we are prepared to handle tough cases and fight for your client’s rights. When working with Johnson & Aldaday, plaintiffs are treated with respect and the utmost care. This is why many lawyers look to us as a partner in their significant cases.

Contact the Personal Injury And Workers Compensation Attorneys at Johnson & Alday

If you or your firm would like to discuss a potential case, call or email us today to schedule an appointment. Let us help you fight for your client’s rights. We take on cases involving serious catastrophic injuries or on-the-job injuries, and we fight to secure significant compensation for our clients who were hurt because of another’s negligence or unsafe work conditions.