Pedestrian Safety: When Looking Both Ways Is Not Enough

Pedestrian Safety: When Looking Both Ways Is Not Enough

As our city and town centers become more walkable, the importance of pedestrian safety has become more urgent. Whether for work or play, more people are out and about on our sidewalks and city streets. Our office, right next to the Marietta Square, is in a perfect location. Not only is it close enough to walk to the courthouses, but every corner has a marked and lighted crosswalk to help keep pedestrians safe as they walk around the square shopping, eating, or just enjoying the day.  Of course, once you wander away from town squares, marked crosswalks become rarer. Sidewalks become rarer. And speeds increase.

Just recently, a man died on I-20 as he tried to cross the highway after a wreck disabled his vehicle.  He is the fifth Cobb County resident to die this year from a pedestrian-vehicle collision. It may sound obvious, but please always exercise caution when you cross any type of roadway or are walking near a roadway. Always pay attention and use sidewalks when available. Always cross in a crosswalk if one is available.  Last year, John tried a case for a young man who did not have the benefit of a marked crosswalk and was struck by a speeding car in the middle of the road. The driver never saw him, and he spent a week in the hospital with a broken leg and lacerated spleen. He looked both ways several times, was crossing at a well-lit intersection, and moving very quickly, but the driver was just going too fast. Fortunately, he made an excellent recovery and the jury awarded him a significant verdict to compensate him for what he had gone through.

 Of course, no one wants to go through the pain and agony of being injured—or the delay of getting your day in court. Johnson & Alday support pedestrian safety in every respect and hope that a tragedy never occurs. But if it does, we are here ready to fight for you and get you back on the right track.

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