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With almost 20 years of combined personal injury experience, let us help you recover the compensation you need and deserve.

Experienced Advocates

We have successfully handled cases throughout Georgia from the most basic to the most complex, tried multiple cases to verdict all over the state while keeping our clients informed at every step of the process.

Statewide Representation

Though our office is located in Marietta, we have practiced all over the State of Georgia from Dade County to Chatham County to counties in between.

Respected Reputation

Other lawyers respect us because we are honest, experienced, and willing to try cases. Judges know us to be respectful, professional, and competent advocates. Insurance adjusters regard us as straightforward advocates willing to file suit and try cases if they undervalue the case.

Constant Updates

We keep our clients informed about their case at all times. Clients will never feel like they are just another case number.

Our extensive experience on both sides of the “v” give us unique insight on how to prosecute your case. We know all the ways insurance companies will try to reduce your recovery and how to defeat their attempts to do so. You can be confident that your case is in capable hands. We won't settle for less than your case deserves.

We get to know our clients throughout the claims process, from a claim's inception to its conclusion, whether through settlement, trial, or appeal. Our clients can expect to be kept up-to-date on their cases. We do not hand off clients to an army of faceless paralegals who knows the client only by a number. Clients deserve a personal touch and the knowledge that their attorneys care about their cases as much as they do. We handle cases that range from “soft tissue” injuries to catastrophic injuries to wrongful death.

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How We Work

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The most important step for your case is reaching out to us! Once you reach out to us, we will get you scheduled at your convenience so Bobby or John will go over your case, what you’ve been going through, and how we can help.

Preliminary Case Review

Once we meet face to face (and you will meet with an attorney, not a staff member), we can answer any questions you have about your claim and the process, and determine what best fits your needs at the time you come into see us.

Detailed Client Interview

Bobby, John, and the staff will get to know you as a person first and then work with you on your claim. We will do all we can to make sure you are taken care of.  Meeting with experienced attorneys who know the claims process make the interview clear and straightforward.

Detailed Case Analysis

Once we know each other and become familiar with your case, we will work hand in hand with you to develop our strategy on how to prosecute your case against the insurance company. No case is exactly the same as any other and we have the knowledge and experience to figure out what will work best for your specific claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Unlike some types of law, there is no retainer or fee paid upfront in most of our cases. You don’t pay us anything unless we secure you a recovery.

Every case is different. In most types of cases, you have two years to negotiate with the insurance company before the statute of limitations expires. Generally, if a claim can be settled pre-suit, it will take around 9 months, depending on the treatment you need.

Absolutely not. The insurance company is not working with you; it’s working against you. Whatever you say will be turned around on you down the line and may actually harm your case.

No. Insurance companies scour Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, and every other social media forum to look for ways to turn your claim down. The best course of action when you’re having to deal with a claim is to post nothing.

We only get paid when you recover. Call us today to get started on your case.

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