Motorcycle Safety: Look Twice, Save A Life

Motorcycle Safety: Look Twice, Save A Life

The open road. Sunny days. The wind in your hair. Easy Rider. Sons of Anarchy. Even Barney Fife once wanted a motorcycle. (His came with a sidecar, but still.)  Everyone has that one moment when they see someone on the road on a bike and wants to be riding right beside them. A feeling of freedom in your heart and a vision of opportunity ahead of you.

Unfortunately, and sometimes tragically, that feeling sometimes comes with a price.  Just yesterday, a man on a motorcycle was killed when another driver failed to see him in the intersection.  No details have yet been released as to why this happened, but it underscores the importance of always keeping your eyes on the road—and moving—to make sure to avoid a tragedy like this.  No one ever wants to be in a collision and certainly not while on a motorcycle. 

If you have chosen the road less traveled and ride a motorcycle, always make sure you are being seen. This is crucial to avoiding injury and damages. Almost as crucial is to ensure you have plenty of uninsured motorist coverage in your household to cover you in case you are struck by someone with no insurance or low insurance.  Insurance companies are leery of providing uninsured motorist coverage for motorcycles—but that coverage on other vehicles in the household will still likely cover you in the event of a wreck on your bike!

Just recently, Johnson & Alday uncovered multiple insurance policies for one of their clients who was on a motorcycle—policies the insurer deliberately hid from their own insured! Thankfully, this client is on his way to a full recovery, because he chose the right law firm to get him back on track when he was knocked off course. 

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