Christmas Parking | Keep It Between The Lines

Christmas Parking | Keep It Between The Lines

Tis the season for full parking lots and increased traffic.  Just this evening, Attorney Bobby Johnson was an eye witness to a disgruntled driver intentionally striking another vehicle in a busy parking lot.  Increased traffic and increased pedestrians create the potential for increased negligence and injury.  Be mindful while driving in retail parking lots this season.  Give yourself plenty of time to park.  Don’t be afraid to get those extra steps in and park at the back of the lot.  Look both ways, use your camera, look both ways again, watch for pedestrians and watch for children.  If you are on foot in a parking lot, be mindful of traffic flow.  Make sure you hold your child(children)’s hand as you walk into the store or restaurant. 

Johnson & Alday wish you the safest and happiest of holidays, but if someone knocks you off course in a parking lot wreck, remember we will get you back on track.  Along those lines here are three critical things you should do if  you are involved in a collision in a parking lot:

  1. Call the police.  – They won’t issue a citation because the collision did not occur on a road, but they will make a report and document the event.  This is helpful in proving liability.
  2. Take photographs of your vehicle and the other driver’s vehicle if possible.  This helps to document the level of impact and property damage.
  3. Get medical treatment if you are injured – and call John and I.  We will get you back on track. 

Keep it between the lines,


Christmas Parking

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