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Protect Your Claim | How Social Media Posts Can Derail Your Injury Claim

By johnsonalday / July 28, 2021

In this video, Marietta Injury Attorney John Alday explains the importance of protecting your injury claim by monitoring what you post on social media. Social media is a great means to stay connected with friends and family and update them on events in your life. But insurance companies and adjusters are using social media as…

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Negligent Security Claims | Know Your Rights Under The Law

By johnsonalday / July 20, 2021

In this video, Marietta Injury Attorney Bobby Johnson explains the difference between traditional premises liability claims like a slip, trip, and fall claim and a negligent security claim. A negligent security claim allows recovery for harm or injury suffered due to criminal acts of others. Like traditional premises liability, a property owner must maintain safe…

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What Makes A Good Attorney Advocate For Personal Injury Claims

By johnsonalday / June 23, 2021

After a car wreck, injury victims need an attorney advocate they can trust who will fight to get them the compensation they deserve for their injury claim. However, far too often, injury victims are persuaded by flashy television commercials that promise big settlements but fall short of actually delivering on their promises. Three components to…

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How I Got the Insurance Company To Pay My Client 4-Times Their Medical Bills

By johnsonalday / June 15, 2021

In this video, Personal Injury Attorney John Alday talks about a recent settlement he received on behalf of his clients who were injured in a car wreck. There were four injury victims in the same vehicle that was struck by a DUI driver. Johnson & Alday represented two of the four passengers and secured a…

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3 Tips to Preserve The Value of Your Personal Injury Claim

By johnsonalday / June 10, 2021

Since the lockdown, insurance companies have offered less money to settle injury claims or have slowed the processing of injury victim’s settlement recoveries. With courts not in session and access to medical care being limited, we’ve seen many injury victims lose significant value in their injury claims. At Johnson & Alday, we recognize the insurance…

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Empty Suit TV Law Firm Leaves Injury Victims with Unkept Promises

By johnsonalday / March 22, 2021

I went to the doctor the other morning to get some bloodwork done.  While I sat in the waiting room at the lab I listened to the conversations of the phlebotomists chatting on the other side of the thin wall.  One young woman was nervously talking about how she and her husband could not afford…

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Hot Topics With Catherine Manavi | COVID-19 And Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

By johnsonalday / June 22, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is constantly evolving, and new recommendations seem to be issued daily.  Our workers’ compensation attorneys have been working hard to stay informed of COVID-19’s impact on the workers’ compensation system in Georgia.  We have successfully fought employers and insurers who have used the pandemic to try and take advantage of injured workers. …

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Protecting Yourself: Are You Fully Covered?

By johnsonalday / March 25, 2020

Social distancing and self-quarantining provides plenty of opportunity for those projects around the house that we ALL tend to put off for another day.  Projects like, spring cleaning, weeding the garden, re-organizing your recipe book, or reviewing your insurance coverage.  Yes, you read that right: its time to review your insurance coverage.  Homeowner’s insurance, auto…

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Mayhem in the Parking Lot | What you should do when a collision occurs in a parking lot

By johnsonalday / March 23, 2020

Right now, the most traffic you’ll see is in parking lots. Grocery stores, pharmacies, anywhere you need to stock up is going to be packed. So what do you do if you’re backing out, about to head home, and someone hits you? First, of course, make sure you and everyone else are ok! Second, make…

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Attorneys Bobby Johnson & Catherine Manavi Discuss How The COVID-19 Virus May Impact Your Workers’ Compensation Claim

By johnsonalday / March 19, 2020

In this video, Attorneys Bobby Johnson & Catherine Manavi discuss the potential impact the COVID-19 virus may have on pending workers’ compensation claims in Georiga. Learn tips on how to navigate the process in light of the pandemic and legal resources available to you. During this unprecedented time, the attorneys at Johnson & Alday are…

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