Empty Suit TV Law Firm Leaves Injury Victims with Unkept Promises

Empty Suit TV Law Firm Leaves Injury Victims with Unkept Promises

I went to the doctor the other morning to get some bloodwork done.  While I sat in the waiting room at the lab I listened to the conversations of the phlebotomists chatting on the other side of the thin wall.  One young woman was nervously talking about how she and her husband could not afford a new car right now and how they were struggling since their wreck.  As fate would have it, this worried young woman got to draw my blood.  She was surprised when I started to ask her about her case.  She was more surprised when I told her I was an attorney.  I was shocked when she told me about her experience.  

She and her husband were injured in a car wreck 6 months ago.  The at-fault driver ran a red light and t-boned them.  They are still treating for their injuries.  Even worse, their property damage claim has not been settled 6 months after the clear fault wreck.  The phlebotomist and her husband had a law firm, a big one, with billboards and TV commercials, claiming to be for the people.  But 6 months after the wreck, this one call, strong arm, size matters, for the people law firm had not helped its client get her car fixed AND the client still had not talked to an attorney.  She told me her case was being handled by a case manager and she had never talked to a lawyer.   I left the lab sick to my stomach, not by the sight of my own blood, but by the thought that this woman, a working professional, was struggling with her car wreck claim because her TV lawyer couldn’t be bothered to help her with her property damage claim or even to meet with her. 

John and I don’t have TV commercials.  I do have strong arms because I’ve been working out lately.  We do not believe in one call, we believe in many calls and meetings and letters and appointments with our clients.  We believe in helping our clients get their cars fixed or replaced.  We believe in looking our clients in the eye.  We believe in cases being handled by lawyers, not case managers.  We believe in personal customer service, which is why our clients don’t have to worry about a property damage claim. This young lady would have had her property damage check in hand and a ride to work months ago if she had called us.  So call us at Johnson & Alday if you’ve been hurt at work or in a collision.  John and I will help you.


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