Protecting Yourself: Are You Fully Covered?

Protecting Yourself: Are You Fully Covered?

Social distancing and self-quarantining provides plenty of opportunity for those projects around the house that we ALL tend to put off for another day.  Projects like, spring cleaning, weeding the garden, re-organizing your recipe book, or reviewing your insurance coverage.  Yes, you read that right: its time to review your insurance coverage.  Homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance, umbrella coverage; do you have the right coverage? 

Now that we all have a little more time to complete those tasks we always put off, it’s time to examine your insurance coverage and make sure you have the right coverage to protect you and your family.  Do you have traditional or “add on” uninsured motorist coverage?  Is your insurance company more concerned with investing your hard-earned premiums and running flashy television commercials than they are with treating you fairly and timely paying your claims?  (Hint, hint, you aren’t in good hands). 

Johnson & Alday welcomes the opportunity to provide you with a complimentary (FREE) consultation regarding your insurance coverage and insurance provider(s).  The best part is that you can indulge in this free service from the safety of your home.  Call us, video chat us, or email us and schedule an appointment for a complimentary insurance coverage review.  With so much uncertainty in the world, now is the time to ensure you and your family have the necessary insurance coverage to face whatever comes your way. Schedule a zoom video conference with us today and let us help you navigate the various coverages and insurance carriers out there. With our over 20-year combined experience with insurance carriers and their adjusters, we can help to make sure you have the coverage you need from the least corrupt insurance carrier (they’re all corrupt and greedy, but some less than others).  Call us today at 678-967-4040 or email us at

Protecting Yourself
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