Allstate Set to Raise Premiums on Georgians Starting this Fall

Allstate Set to Raise Premiums on Georgians Starting this Fall

The Georgia Insurance Commissioner just announced that Allstate, a company with 2021 revenues of more than $50 billion dollars, will raise premiums on their Georgia insureds by 25% starting this fall. This news is, sadly, an unsurprising move for the car insurance company with the worst possible reputation for adjusting claims fairly and properly, in our experience.

Prior to this price gouge, Allstate routinely lowballed claimants throughout the state in order to keep as much money in their coffers as possible, hoping to force victims of negligence to cave in and accept low offers out of necessity. Georgia courts from the North Georgia mountains to Savannah remain clogged with Allstate cases based on this practice. One of the other negative side effects of this practice is Allstate is serving up their insureds to be sued. Not only does being a defendant in a case take up a lot of time for the Allstate insureds, but Allstate is also setting their insureds up to have massive judgments against them—and their credit—due to Allstate’s policy of not settling claims fairly.

Now, Allstate insureds have to pay at least 25% more in premiums for the pleasure of being sued, deposed, and taking time away from their lives and families to attend trials for cases that almost any other insurer would have settled well before a jury is seated.

The Georgia Insurance Commissioner has urged any Allstate insured who has questions on the premium rate or their insurance to reach out to Allstate at 1-800-255-7828 or their agent. We would recommend the same. However, if you are hit by an Allstate insured, you will need a trial lawyer, not a settlement lawyer, to protect your claim. Contact Johnson & Alday, and let us get you the compensation you deserve.


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