Johnson & Alday Secure Another Six-Figure Settlement for Injury Client

Johnson & Alday Secure Another Six-Figure Settlement for Injury Client

When our young client entered the intersection in north Cobb County, she never expected her life to change so dramatically. She was about to enter college on a cheerleading scholarship after being one of the best cheerleaders in the state. Then another driver turned left from the opposite way, crashing into her car and turning it into modern art.

Our client’s right leg and ankle were destroyed in the wreck, taking away her scholarship and her dream of continuing on with cheerleading. She underwent surgery immediately, which required multiple plates and screws to put her leg and ankle back together. Though her surgery (and months of physical therapy) helped her injuries resolve, she still has pain every day and a large scar to remind her of what could have been. This should have been a slam dunk case.

But since the other driver refused to admit fault and claimed our client ran the light, the insurance company denied the claim. Through our investigation, we tracked down witnesses to support the truth of what happened and forced the insurance company to pay every dime of the insurance policy immediately after we demanded they do so.  Handing her the check for six-figures was another great day for her and for justice.


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