Insurance Company Caves To Johnson & Alday’s Six-Figure Settlement Demand

Insurance Company Caves To Johnson & Alday’s Six-Figure Settlement Demand

Johnson & Alday is proud to have resolved another case for six figures and help a family get some peace for a tragic loss. The Taylors lost a member of their family in a house fire, due to faulty wiring in the kitchen. The insurance company for the landlord refused to accept responsibility, going so far as to hire an expert immediately after the death to inspect the wiring before it was destroyed. Unsurprisingly, the expert found no issues and the insurance company blamed the gentleman who passed away for causing the fire.

Before Johnson & Alday filed suit, the insurance company made no offers to settle the case, daring the family to sue. The family and John accepted the dare and sued. After significant investigation, the insurance company finally realized the error of its ways and settled the case for six figures. The Taylors agreed to settle the case because the insurance company had finally accepted responsibility and so they don’t have to relive this tragedy through a trial. Johnson & Alday are proud to help the family and to show the insurance company they’re not to be messed with.

If you or a loved one has been injured because of someone else’s negligence, the lawyers at Johnson & Alday are here to help.


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