Johnson & Alday Congratulate the Marietta High School Mock Trial Team

Johnson & Alday Congratulate the Marietta High School Mock Trial Team

Bobby and John congratulate the Marietta High School Mock Trial Team for their performance on February 2, 2018 in the Cobb County competition.  This is the first mock trial team fielded by Marietta High School in several years.  The team held their own through four rounds and ended the day with one of their own being named Outstanding Attorney! Bobby and John could not be prouder of the team.

Marietta High School Mock Trial Team

The high school mock trial competition provides a different type of case each year for the students.  Each team has 6 student attorneys and 6 student witnesses.  The students get to learn about the law, how to try a case, and how to perform as witnesses.  It is an intensive process where you have to absorb multiple different versions of an event (in this case a dispute over a lottery ticket), learn how to bolster the positive facts and diminish the negative facts, and how to make and handle legal objections from the opposing team. 

Attorney Bobby Johnson coaching Marietta High School Student

The Marietta High team, primarily made up of underclassmen, learned the attorney and witness roles quickly and ably.  Bobby and John worked with the team on how to prepare and deliver opening statements, closing arguments, and the distinction between asking a witness a direct or open-ended question and a leading or “yes or no” question. 

Bobby and John also want to thank Natalie Jorges-Castellanos and Jacob Wachtel, the teacher coaches, for organizing the team and working with everyone for a successful season! We can’t wait until next year!


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