Grandma Run Over By a Reindeer? Call Us Now!

Grandma Run Over By a Reindeer? Call Us Now!

Though thankfully rare, sometimes people do sustain personal injury or property damage caused by runaway livestock or other animals. If this happens, are you simply out of luck? Chalk it up to an act of . . . dog? Not necessarily! Depending on the specific situation, and if you choose the right lawyers, you can pursue your claim against Santa Claus’ insurance company.

In Georgia, by law, “no owner shall permit livestock to run at large on or to stray upon the public roads of this state or any property not belonging to the owner of the livestock, exception by the permission of the owner of such property.”  If an owner does allow this to happen, they can be sued for the damages incurred.            

However, these cases are obviously very fact-specific, and you need a lawyer who will put the time in to investigate and establish the owner’s liability. This is not for TV lawyers. You need diligent lawyers who will know to check the wattage on Rudolph’s nose and when it was last changed. You need a lawyer who will determine if the only reason the one-horse-open-sleigh was able to dash through the snow is that a farmer—rosy red cheeks or not—negligently left the gate open. Livestock owners have a duty to ensure that not a creature is stirring. Johnson & Alday will leave no stone unturned ensuring that not even a mouse will cause you injury. Please reach out if you need our help. And if you happen to see Mommy kissing Santa Claus, we can certainly recommend a good family lawyer.


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